Henry David founder, Kurt H. Beecken, developed an interest in fashion as a young teen. While attending a Tennessee boarding school, Kurt felt drawn to Southern style and hospitality and adopted it as his own. Classmates respected his knowledgeable fashion sense and began coming to him for advice. Kurt’s interest in clothing quickly grew into a passion. He joined a respected Chicago clothier and began offering his fashion know-how on a professional level to clients purchasing custom-made suits.

Over time, Kurt felt compelled to offer his clients an even more specialized and personally-minded outfitting experience. His passion for service and detail shaped the unique vision for Henry David Clothiers.

Today, Kurt weaves his Southern gentlemanly style with classic Midwestern values to offer his customers a uniquely personal and detailed fashion experience that’s never off-trend.



Master Tailor and Designer, George Moya, is truly an artist of the cloth. His love of tailoring began in the 1970s when he became fascinated with the skills of Belmonte and Ritacca, two Master Tailors working in Chicago’s Jeweler’s Row. They recognized George’s passion and dedication, and soon took him under their wings as he mastered his skills.

With years of exceptional craftsmanship under his belt, George moved to Minneapolis and opened the highly regarded House of Windsor, serving as Master Tailor at the retail and custom clothier for more than five years. Desiring to focus exclusively on custom suits, Moya moved to Chicago in 2012 and co-founded the Gentlemen’s Cooperative. Working alongside General Manager, Kurt H. Beecken, the two quickly learned they shared a love for customer service, as well as fine clothing, and they decided to take their specialized skills to a higher level.

George and Kurt joined forces to found Henry David Clothiers. Today, George combines his friendly, personalized attention with four decades of artistry to offer clients the highest level of tailored clothing available, bar none.